A little about me. 

Patrick 'Mr. Shineyhead' Fischer, CDI, DLM, DASL, ASLTA Master

Dark tales author, storyteller, comedian, educator of visual language

Patrick ‘Mr. Shineyhead’ Fischer is a dark tales author, storyteller and comedian, award-winning educator of visual language, and advocate. Patrick is from several generations of fine artists and actors from Germany and has extensive experience in all things related to theater and art. Patrick has been involved in a variety of artistic positions (artist, performer, director, producer, teacher, Director of Artistic Sign Language, and consultant) as well as participation in a variety of performances (storytelling, poetry, master of ceremony, skits, and comedy) internationally.

Patrick launched his business in 2005 as a way to provide services to those who want to learn more about theater through deaf eyes. When not “working” in theater Patrick taught American Sign Language (ASL) and deaf studies for over 30 years, currently is a certified ASLTA Master instructor, and a Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI) in Legal and Mental Health in Connecticut including American School for the Deaf and New England. He has taught under the Sign Language Studies Program and Sign Language Interpretation Program in Portland, Oregon. Patrick was a Deaf Language Model in Anchorage, Alaska and several Alaska Native villages. Plus Patrick has been giving his presentations to all participants (all ages) from all 50 different states and several countries.  Patrick has his Graphic Design degree, and he is also an awarded professional artist and co-owner of the firm, Expert Business Support, Inc.  He is one of the founders of Connecticut Deaf Theatre (CDT) and now he is the chair for the theater organization.  

Patrick enjoys sharing his most-popular humorous comedy and visual stories of Deaf Dog in the Park and Top 20 Errors ASL Students Make; making everyone laugh and inspire the use of visual languages. He also loves to share his dark tales, which include fascinating stories of ghosts (Ghost Hunters), amazing history, German legends, and Brothers Grimm’s collections (dark). He is fascinated with creatures and Halloween decorations, annually going all out decorating his historic home. He has his own 1928 Oldsmobile Model Q and hopes to collect a few more old classic cars. His favorite place (and dream to live) is Bavaria, Germany and Tryol, Austria where in his youth he traveled often and had many wonderful experiences and memories with family.  His parents and family were raised in the Black Forest and Berlin Germany.  He had his wedding in Schwangau where the Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle are.  He loves to travel and spend time with his family -his lovely wife Amy, two children (one boy and one girl), and dogs.